77 Tobacco Blends available at The Educated Cigar
(Tobaccos are available by the ounce, in 1-pound bags or in sampler packs with 16 or more different tobaccos.  All but 6 of our tobaccos are blended & processed by Cornell & Diehl of South Carolina, USA.   Amaretto, Golden Cavendish, Majestic English, Mixture 79 and Pumpkin Spice are from Sutliff, while 3-Star Blue is by Ries.  We currently have 23 aromatic (flavored) blends and 54 non-aromatic blends.  Tobacco descriptions below are taken from the manufacturer.   Receive a 5% discount when purchasing 16 o more ounces.)   

Our Pipe Tobaccos 
AMARETTO:  Mellow-to-medium mixture of Burley and Black Cavendish with an Amaretto liqueur dressing.

APRICOTS & CREAM:  An all black mixture of unsweetened Black Cavendish and a bit of our Green River Vanilla is enhanced with our proprietary "cream" flavoring and apricot brandy for a mild, fragrant smoke.

ATLAS BALKAN:  A traditional English mixture heavy in Latakia with Burley and Perique. A full bodied, all-natural smoke. One of our oldest blends.

BAILEY’S FRONT PORCH is a delightfully mild English blend featuring Burleys, bright Virginias, Latakia, as well as an ideal touch of Perique thrown in for a dash of spice. It's an amiable C&D accompaniment for sitting on the porch on those late summer evenings.

BAYOU MORNING:  A Perique lover's delight, Bayou Morning is a bold mixture of red and bright VA's and 25% Perique. While not for the faint of heart, one of our most popular blends.

BAYOU NIGHT:  A Scottish type blend of Latakia, Perique, Virginias, Turkish, and Burleys that boasts a heavier Perique component than normally found in a classic Scottish blend. A full smoke that is surprisingly cool on the palate.

BELMONT STATION:  A rich, complex journey of black Cavendish and bright Virginias, passing through regions of dark Burleys and dark fired Kentucky, elevated by vanilla and dark rum. All aboard.

BIG N’ BURLEY:  Primarily sweet, rough cut Burley seasoned with small amounts of Latakia, Turkish, and a dash of Perique for added flavor. This big blend from Cornell & Diehl is a light English for Burley lovers.

BLACK CAVENDISH:  Our exclusive Black Cavendish is a faithful mainstay within many of our aromatic selections, but it is also perfect as the base of your aromatic blending experiments or to add body to a mixture.

BLACK CHERRY:  The same unique wild cherry flavor used in Cherry Jubilee on an all black Cavendish base. All of that sinfully rich taste and none of the calories.

BRADYVILLE:  The road to Bradyville starts with a foundation of mild Cavendish, bolstered by the mellow framework of stoved bright Virginias and cube cut Burleys. Imbued with a brandy top note, it's sure to be a journey worth taking.

BRIAR FOX KAKE:  An exceptionally smooth mixture of Virginias and Burley, and the personal blend of well-known Danish pipe maker, the late Peter Heeschen. Pressed into an old fashioned crumble cake.

BRIGHT VIRGINIA RIBBON:  High grade Old Belt golden Virginias. Sweet, with just a hint of citrus, because of a naturally high sugar content and relatively low presence of oil, this bright leaf makes both a fine companion to a Burley and a dandy smoke all its own.

BURLEY RIBBON CUT is a mixture of the specially processed Burleys used in many of C&D's blends. Whether smoked straight, paired with a fine Virginia, or used as a cooling component in your blend, this is some of Kentucky and Tennessee's finest.

BYZANTINUM:  An intriguing interpretation of the classic Balkan. Redolent of Latakia, Orientals, and bracing Perique, Byzantinum is an alluring companion for flights of the imagination to exotic lands.

CAP’S BLEND:  Black Cavendish plus a light Cavendish that is specially flavored for a full taste; remarkably similar to one of the world's most popular pipe tobaccos.

CAPTAIN BOB’S BLEND:  Named for friend and customer Capt. Bob Coffey. A blend of Virginias and Burleys with just a dash of Latakia and Perique — finished with a refreshing flavor.

CHOCOLATE CAVENDISH:  Our traditional Cavendish base made even more flavorful with the addition of our own exclusive formulation of natural chocolate and cocoa bean.

CONSTELLATION:  A perfect combination of Virginia ribbon, rough cut Burley, unsweetened black Cavendish and Latakia. One of our oldest blends.

CROWLEY’S BEST:  Named for the famed Walter Crowley of Fordham's football glory days, this is a medium strength mixture of Burley, Latakia, and Perique in an uncommonly harmonious natural blend.

DARK BURLEY:  Hailing from the fields of Kentucky, this high-grade, air-cured Dark Burley from C&D delivers a mellow smoke and fine flavor. A versatile leaf, Dark Burley performs well as a base for personal home mixtures or as a go-to, stand alone smoke.

DARK CHERRY CAVENDISH:  The folks at C&D start with their traditional American Cavendish base of Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish, and add a specially formulated dark cherry flavoring to produce a unique cherry lover's dream.

DARK FIRED KENTUCKY:  C&D's high-tiered, dark-fired Burley from the fields of Kentucky. Rich and smoky in flavor, this condiment leaf can be smoked straight for a bold profile or used in your own mixtures to transform and lend depth to other Burley and Virginia components.

ENGINE 99:  A full bodied blend with enough Latakia to pull ol' #99 up a mountain grade with flavor to spare. Loaded with Latakia, Perique, Virginias, Burleys, and Orientals.

EPIPHANY:  Reminiscent of the original Revelation said to be the favorite of Albert Einstein, Epiphany is an adroit melding of Virginias, Burleys, Latakia, and Perique in unified harmony.

ESPRESSO:  An all black mixture of unsweetened black Cavendish and a bit of our Green River Vanilla. We then flavor it with our proprietary "cream" flavoring and add a heady shot of coffee flavor, to arrive at a blend that will take you back to that *perfect* espresso macchiato you enjoyed with a friend, at a certain Italian street café!

EXCLUSIVE:  The combination of red Virginias, mild Cavendish, and a full 50% Perique make C&D's Exclusive a naturally sweet and incredibly spicy blend, perfect for the lovers of the Bayou-based tobacco.

GOLDEN ASH:  Rough-cut and cube-cut Burleys combine with Bright Virginia flake and a small dose of Latakia to provide a natural, mild taste.

GOLDEN CAVENDISH:  White Cavendish from Sutliff.

GRANULATED PERIQUE:  The jewel of 'Loosiana' and a proud descendant of Pierre Chenet's discovery in 1824, this condiment is C&D's Perique, cut into a granulated form for easy blending.

GREEN RIVER VANILLA:  Burley from the Green River Valley of Kentucky, fire-cured and expertly blended to be mild and smooth. Flavored with an outstanding vanilla.

HABANA DAYDREAM:  C&D's Habana Daydream is a flavorful blend of Virginias, Perique, unsweetened Black Cavendish, with a dash of Latakia and a spoonful of rich cigar leaf.

IZMIR:  Small of leaf, sun-cured, relatively low in nicotine, but packing a big flavor, C&D's high-grade Izmir leaf is cut to their blending specs and just might be perfect for your blending aspirations.

JAMAICAN RUM:  We marry a unique island rum flavor to our traditional Cavendish base, and the result is a blend so flavorful, that you'll want to break out your old Reggae vinyl.

JOHN MARR:  A poetic mixture of bright and red Virginias with a good portion of Turkish leaf, elevated by genial portions of Perique and black Cavendish, and topped with the flavors of bourbon and vanilla, John Marr is an unparalleled voyage of sweet complexity.

LATAKIA:  Pure, straight, unadulterated Cyprian Latakia leaf — this tobacco is, quite obviously, intended for blending purposes, whether it be making your own blend from scratch, or adding an extra kick to a particular off-the-shelf favorite.

LONDON SQUIRE:  This Balkan style blend would have been all-the-rage in the squire's country home in the 19th century. A hearty Latakia base blended with Burleys, Virginias, and unsweetened black Cavendish for body create a sublime late afternoon or evening smoke.

MAPLE CAVENDISH We start with our traditional American Cavendish base of Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish and add maple flavor to produce the classic taste of autumn.

MAJESTIC ENGLISH:  Fit for royalty. An elegant mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Turkish, and Perique. A higher concentration of Latakia than in most English blends.

MIXTURE No. 79 is a classic American Burley blend with a unique combination of flavors that has been a favorite of many for decades. This blend is a classic, and is totally unique in flavor (anise liquor [licorice] and vanilla) and aroma.

MOCHA:  This should appeal to the coffee lover, as well as those around you. It is half #305 Espresso and half #700A Dark Chocolate, a rich chocolate flavor on an all-black Cavendish base.

MORLEY’S BEST:  Many fans of the blends of C&D's long-time collaborator, the late Bob Runowski, hail Morley's Best as his finest creation. An English blend of three Burleys — white, cubed, & rough cut — as well as Virginia flake and Cyprian Latakia; this cool and flavorful smoke is a perennial best seller.

MOUNTAIN CAMP:  At the request of an old customer, we took the recipe for Bayou Night and reversed the proportions of Latakia and Perique to create a full English in the Scottish vein. If Bayou Night is perfect for an evening on the bayou, Mountain Camp is a peerless choice for a day spent fishing.

NIGHT TRAIN:  Bright Virginia ribbon, bright Virginia flake, Cavendish cut, Virginia grown brown Burley, and Perique are pressed into an old-fashioned crumble cake for a truly satisfying smoking experience. PRESSED.

NUTTY IRISHMAN:  A unique blend, combining the heavenly hazelnut flavor of Frangelico and the honeyed, aromatic spice of Irish Mist, in a delightfully satisfying manner.

ODESSA:  Burley, Turkish, Latakia, and Perique combine to form a superior English blend of medium body and fine balance. This is a fine all-day smoke.

OLD COLLEGE:  An outstanding blend of Latakia, Black Cavendish, Virginia, and Burley. A well-balanced and surprisingly smooth taste for you and a delightful fragrance for the crowd. Who says that you 'Can't have the best of both worlds?'

OLD COURT:  An honorable mixture of Burley and Latakia, spiced with a prudent amount of Perique, and sweetened with a conservative touch of broken Virginia flake, this blend should serve you well when there's plenty on the docket.

OLD JOE KRANTZ:  Dark and cube-cut Burley with red Virginia ribbon and Perique create a smooth, all day smoke. Another Runowski creation named in honor of the man who taught Bob to smoke a pipe: his grandfather.

OLD JOE KRANTZ BLUE:  Dark and white cube cut Burley combine to form a classic, medium-bodied Burley blend, sure to provide a slow-burning, rich smoking experience.

OLD JOE KRANTZ RED:  A foundation of dark and cube-cut Burley is richly layered with red Virginia, smoky Latakia and Perique, to form a complex and slightly spicy English blend.

OLD JOE KRANTZ WHITE:  Starting with a balanced foundation of white and dark Burley, this elegant mixture is sweetened with a bit of Virginia flake, softened with black Cavendish, and spiced with a touch of Perique.

ORIENTAL SILK combines Perique, bright flake, Turkish flake, and bright Virginia ribbon to create a remarkably elegant and sophisticated smoke.

ORION'S ARROW:  Much as Orion's Arrow points to true North and has served as a guide to travelers since antiquity, this nearly equal mixture of Turkish flake, Perique, red Virginia, and bright Virginia ribbon can serve as both a fine entree or destination for those in search of a bold and balanced blend.

PASHA’S DREAM:  A blend of Turkish, Latakia, red VA, Kentucky Burley, and bright Strips, Pasha's Dream is a complete, long cut blend with the unique combination of caramel and vanilla flavors. Mildly aromatic.

PEGASUS:  C&D's Pegasus is yet another from the master of classic American Burley blends, Bob Runowski. Three Burley tobaccos, two Virginias, and a touch of unsweetened black Cavendish form a classic American blend, hearkening back to the days when Burley was king in American pipe tobacco blends.

PIRATE KAKE:  A smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley. A Latakia lover's treasure.

PLANTATION EVENING:  C&D's Plantation Evening is a smooth, light-to-medium blend of aged Virginias, Latakia, Perique, and a little Turkish. An outstanding, middle of the road English blend with a delightful flavor.

POPLAR CAMP:  Almost 20% Perique and a dash of unsweetened Black Cavendish are combined with Yorktown to make a Virginia/Perique lover's dream blend. Much like Bayou Morning, be forewarned, the muscular presence of Perique makes this a blend for the stout of heart.

PUMPKIN SPICE Sutliff's Pumpkin Spice is a mellow blend of burley, Virginia and black cavendish that's imbued with the flavors of pumpkin and the spices that usually accompany it. This is a comforting, warm blend that can be enjoyed all day long.

REDBURN CAKE:  Beginning with healthy portions of white and dark Burley blended with red and bright Virginia leaf, Redburn then incorporates a touch of spicy dark fired Kentucky, topping it with the flavors of dark rum and molasses and pressing into an old fashioned crumble cake.

RED ODESSA:  Red Virginias, Turkish, Latakia, and Perique combine to form a superior English blend of medium body and superior balance. This is a fine all-day smoke.

SHANDYGAFF:  An unusual old Atlas Blending mixture C&D acquired the rights to, Shandygaff combines Burley, Turkish, and Perique leaf to produce a smoke often described as carrying flavors of ginger and salty sea air.

SHELBYTON:  Shelbyton starts with a base of mild and Black Cavendish, embraced by a good measure of Bright Virginia leaf, along with a touch of Dark-Fired Kentucky for body. Topped with the flavors of tawny port, it makes for a sweet, nuanced smoking experience.

SMOOTH ENGLISH:  As the name implies, this blend of Burleys, unsweetened Black Cavendish, and Latakia is an impeccable choice for a morning smoke or for those who are beginning to experiment with English blends.

SNUG HARBOR:  C&D pays tribute to sailors everywhere who have been so influential to pipe smoking through the centuries. Snug Harbor is a delicious blend of Burleys, Turkish, Latakia, and Perique with just a hint of flavoring to enhance the natural sweetness and room note.

STANHOPE:  Another original Atlas blend, Stanhope is an intriguing mixture of Burley, Perique, Orientals, and Latakia — robust in flavor, mild in strength.

STAR OF THE EAST:  Starting with a base of 50% Latakia, with a generous portion of Turkish leaf and sweetened with stoved Red Virginia, this is a full bodied blend, as well as a long time favorite of our customers.

STAR OF THE EAST GOLD:  Beginning with stoved bright Virginias, followed by equal measures of Cyprian Latakia and red Virginias for a bit of body, Star of the East Gold then incorporates a fair amount of Turkish leaf, resulting in a sweet, floral English mixture.

SUPER BALKAN:  Super Balkan is mostly a bright flake mixture with Perique, Latakia, and Burley, spiked with high grade Turkish leaf. An even heavier dose of Latakia than found in Atlas Balkan. One of Cornell and Diehl's oldest blends.

SWEET ENGLISH:  We start with our traditional American Cavendish base of Virginias, Burleys and black Cavendish, add a dash of Latakia, and finish it with a specially formulated flavor mixture of caramel and vanilla.

THREE FRIARS:  A combination of Virginia ribbon, brown Burley, and Perique, Three Friars delights with a combination of natural piquant sweetness and spice.

THREE-STAR BLUEBlack Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Perique and Virginia tobaccos with licorice and vanilla flavor.

TUGGLE HALL:  A deft blend of Cyprian Latakia, white Burley, and the perfect soupcon of Perique (for spice), many find C&D's Tuggle Hall to be quite reminiscent of old style English blends.

VANILLA CAVENDISH:  Our traditional Cavendish base made even more flavorful with a special vanilla sauce for extra flavor.

WHITE BURLEY:  A high grade light Burley from the Kentucky fields. Naturally slow burning and featuring a pleasant room note, White Burley can make for a great smoke on its own as well as act as a fine base for your own mixture experimentation.

WINCHESTER:  Red Virginia and unsweetened Black Cavendish combine to create a mild smoking experience with a room note that calls to mind that "old time pipe fragrance" we remember so fondly from days gone by.