Cigar Smoker's Starter Kits

Cigar Starter Kit-A:
This kit has everything needed for a great running start:
1) 24 cigar collection: 12 different cigars, two of each.  Four cigars will be small, four medium-sized and four on the larger side.  12 cigars will be flavored and 12 will be premium unflavored.  All cigars are handmade, imported and longleaf.
2) 50-60 cigar wood humidor with instructions for prepping and maintaining your humidor.
3) cigar cutter, matches and jet torch lighter
4) 5-cigar travel humidor
5) Recent issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine
6) Listing of all cigars ever rated 95 and higher by Cigar Aficionado
Price including tax $269.

Cigar Starter Kit-B:
Same as Kit-A with the following changes:
A) Plus six different "#1 Cigar-of-the-Year" picks of CIGAR AFICIONADO.
B) A glass-top 100/120 cigar humidor replaces the smaller humidor
 Plus a 3-cigar aluminum ashtray
Price: $489 including tax.