Cigar Smoker's Starter Kit

Cigar Starter Kit-A:
This kit has everything needed for a great running start including the following:
1)  24 cigar collection: 12 flavored (3 Acid, 3 CAO, 3 South Beach and 3 Tatiana) and 12 unflavored (3 Oliva, 3 Padron, 3 Romeo Julieta and 3 Sancho Panza).
2) 25 cigar wood humidor
3) cigar cutter and jet torch lighter
4) 5-cigar travel humidor
5) Recent issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine
6) Listing of all cigars ever rated 95 and higher by Cigar Aficionado
Price including tax $259

Cigar Starter Kit-B:
Same as Kit-A above except the 25 cigar wood humidor is replaced with a glass-top 60/75 cigar humidor and also includes a heavy-duty, 3-cigar aluminum ashtray.  In addition, you get the last four "#1 Cigar-of-the-Year".  Price including tax $459.

Cigar Super Kit:
1) 7-cigar sampler of 'CIGAR AFICIONADO' "#1-Cigar-of-the-Year".
2) Box of 20 cigars of the World's highest-rated cigar of last 30 years!
3) 25-cigar bundle of Nicaragua made double toro maduro cigars.
4) Magnificent 125/150 cigar antique cherry cigar humidor. [Which we sell for $295]
5) All metal triple-jet lighter with built-in cigar punch and an all metal cigar cutter.  Both items are our best quality products.
6) Two travel humidors: a) 3-cigar leather pocket humidor and b) unbreakable and waterproof 15-cigar humidor
7) Seahawk Super Bowl Championship commemorative Zippo lighter.
Price including tax $949