Pipe-Tobacco Samplers

We offer samplers in three classes: 1) all aromatic, 2) all English (non-aromatic) and 3) mixed aromatic & English

Aromatic Sampler Kit 'A', 'B' and 'C'
Description: Each of the next three samplers contain thirteen different flavored pipe tobaccos as listed below.  Each tobacco comes in its own numbered zip-lock bag, with enough tobacco to fill at least four large pipe bowls.  Each tobacco is processed and assembled by Cornell & Diehl of South Carolina, unless specifically indicated otherwise.  Available only from The Educated Cigar of Richland, WA.  The price of each thirteen tobacco sampler is $98, including tax. The price of the trio is $259, including tax.

SAMPLER: Aromatic-'A'
:  Amaretto liqueur.  Burley and Black Cavendish. [by Sutliff]
Apricot and Cream:  Cream, apricot brandy, vanilla.  Black Cavendish.
Belmont Station:  Vanilla & dark rum.  Black Cavendish, bright Virginias, with dark Burleys and dark-fired Kentucky.
Berries & Cream:  An all black mixture of unsweetened Black Cavendish and a bit of Green River Vanilla.  It is then flavored with our proprietary "cream" flavoring and add in some blackberry brandy for a berry experience like no other!
Berry Good:  Cavendish and Green River Vanilla with raspberry sauce
Black Cherry:  Wild cherry.  All-black Cavendish base.
Black Gold Maple:  Black Cavendish & Virginia with natural maple flavor
Bourbon Blue:  Bright and red Virginias with dark-fired Kentucky and long-cut Perique and bourbon pressed into a crumble cake.
Bradyville:  Brandy. Cavendish, Virginia and cube cut Burleys.
Cap’s Blend:  Secret flavoring.  Black and light Cavendish.
Chocolate Cavendish:  Chocolate and cocoa bean.  Cavendish.
Creamy Butterscotch:  Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia with butter and cream flavor. [Sutliff]
Creme Brulee:  Burley, Virginia, black Cavendish with vanilla, caramel and honey flavors.  [Sutliff]

SAMPLER: Aromatic-'B'
Cross-Eyed Cricket
: A base of unsweetened Black Cavendish with Turkish, Latakia, and Perique with in a light rum punch flavor.
Dark Cherry Cavendish:  Dark cherry. Cavendish base.
Espresso:  Cream, coffee and vanilla.  Black Cavendish.
Frosty Mint:  Burley, Cavendish, Virginia with cocoa, chocolate and mint flavors.  [Sutliff]
Green River Vanilla:  Vanilla.  Burley, Kentucky fire-cured.
Honey:  Golden and black Cavendish with honey extracts.  [Sutliff]
Jamaican Rum:  Island rum.  Cavendish.
John Marr:  Bourbon and vanilla.  Virginia, Turkish, Perique, Cavendish.
Maple Cavendish:  Maple flavor.  Cavendish.
Mixture No. 79:  Anise liquor (licorice) and vanilla.  Burley. [by Sutliff]
Mocha:  Espresso and dark chocolate.  All-black Cavendish.
Nutty Irishman:  Hazelnut flavor of Frangelico and the honeyed, aromatic spice of Irish Mist.
Pasha’s Dream:  Caramel and vanilla.  Turkish, Latakia, VA, KY Burley.

SAMPLER: Aromatic-'C'
: Burley, Cavendish, Perique with bourbon
Pumpkin Spice:  Pumpkin, spices. Burley, Virginia, Cavendish.  [by Sutliff]
Redburn:  Dark rum, molasses.  White and dark Burley, Virginia and a touch of spicy dark-fired Kentucky.  Old-fashioned crumble cake.
Repose:  Burley, Turkish, Virginia and dark rum
Shelbyton:  Tawny port.  Cavendish, Virginia, Dark-Fired Kentucky.
Stovepipe:  Virginia, Perique, Burley and Cavendish with cocoa, caramel and vanilla
String Duster:  Virginia, Turkish with rum and maple
Sweet English:  Caramel and vanilla.  Cavendish and a dash of Latakia.
Three-Star Blue:  Licorice and vanilla.  Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Perique and Virginia. [by Ries of Illinois]
U.S.S. Mason: Virginia, Burley, Latakia, Perique and brandy
Vanilla Cavendish:  Vanilla.  Cavendish.
We Three Kings:  Cavendish, Virginia, Turkish with allspice, cinnamon and vanilla
White Lightning:  Virginia, Perique and applejack, raspberry & vanilla

‘English’-Pipe Tobacco Sampler: 12-Pack
Description:  Each of the 12 English-style tobaccos is individually packed in a numbered zip-lock bag, with enough tobacco to fill at least four large pipe bowls.  Each tobacco is processed and assembled by Cornell & Diehl of South Carolina.  Available only from The Educated Cigar of Richland, WA.  The price of this 12-pack tobacco sampler is $109, including tax.

Bailey’s Front Porch: Mild English.  Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique.
Byzantium: Latakia, Orientals and Perique.
Crowley’s Best: Medium strength.  Burley, Latakia, Perique.
Dark-Fired Kentucky: Dark-fired Kentucky Burley. Rich and smoky.
Engine 99: Latakia, Perique, Virginia, Burley, Oriental
Mountain Camp: Full English.  Perique, Latakia, Virginia, Turkish & Burley
Odessa: Burley, Turkish, Latakia, Perique. Medium body
Old Court: Burley, Latakia, Perique, sweetened Virginia flake
Pirate Kake: 75% Latakia, Turkish, Burley.  Crumble cake
Smooth English: Burleys, Black Cavendish, and Latakia.
Star of the East: 50% Latakia, Turkish, stoved Red Virginia. Full bodied
Tuggle Hall: Cyprian Latakia, white Burley, Perique

Aromatic & English Pipe Tobacco Sampler 
Description: 16 different tobaccos: 7 aromatics and 9 non-aromatics.  Two large pipe bowls of each tobacco.  $115 including tax.     

AMARETTO:  Mellow-to-medium mixture of Burley and Black Cavendish with an Amaretto liqueur dressing.
APRICOTS & CREAM:  An all-black mixture of unsweetened Black Cavendish and a bit of our Green River Vanilla is enhanced with our proprietary "cream" flavoring and apricot brandy for a mild, fragrant smoke.
CAROLINA RED FLAKE with PERIQUE:  Layered with satisfying complexity, Carolina Red Flake with Perique offers an enticing melody of flavors and aromas, balancing pepper and piquancy with undertones of port wine and stone fruits alongside brighter citrusy highlights. The stoving process, together with the Perique, lends an unparalleled richness and nuance to the mixture, complementing the unstoved leaf's brighter notes with figgy sweetness, breadiness, and earthy spice. While incredibly complex right out of the tin, it's a blend that will no doubt increase in complexity and continue to improve with age.
DARK BURLEY:  Hailing from the fields of Kentucky, this high-grade, air-cured Dark Burley from C&D delivers a mellow smoke and fine flavor. A versatile leaf, Dark Burley performs well as a base for personal home mixtures or as a go-to, stand alone smoke.
GASLIGHT:  Gaslight is a rich Latakia mixture, structured with layers of mature red Virginias and spiced with Orientals. It's pressed and aged in cakes [ from G.L. Pease]
GOLDEN CAVENDISH:  White Cavendish from Sutliff
GRANULATED PERIQUE:  The jewel of 'Loosiana' and a proud descendant of Pierre Chenet's discovery in 1824, this condiment is C&D's Perique, cut into a granulated form for easy blending.
MAPLE CAVENDISH:  We start with our traditional American Cavendish base of Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish and add maple flavor to produce the classic taste of autumn.
MAJESTIC ENGLISH:  Fit for royalty. An elegant mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Turkish, and Perique. A higher concentration of Latakia than in most English blends. [by Sutliff]
MIXTURE No. 79 is a classic American Burley blend with a unique combination of flavors that has been a favorite of many for decades. This blend is a classic, and is totally unique in flavor (anise liquor [licorice] and vanilla) and aroma. [by Sutliff]
MONTFORD POINT MARINE:  Cornell & Diehl's tribute is comprised of Dark-Fired Burley, Perique and Latakia. Semper Fi!
PLANTATION EVENING:  C&D's Plantation Evening is a smooth, light-to-medium blend of aged Virginias, Latakia, Perique, and a little Turkish. An outstanding, middle of the road English blend with a delightful flavor.
POPLAR CAMP:  Almost 20% Perique and a dash of unsweetened Black Cavendish are combined with Yorktown to make a Virginia/Perique lover's dream blend. Much like Bayou Morning, be forewarned, the muscular presence of Perique makes this a blend for the stout of heart.
PUMPKIN SPICE:  Sutliff's Pumpkin Spice is a mellow blend of burley, Virginia and black cavendish that's imbued with the flavors of pumpkin and the spices that usually accompany it. This is a comforting, warm blend that can be enjoyed all day long.
SHELBYTON starts with a base of mild and Black Cavendish, embraced by a good measure of Bright Virginia leaf, along with a touch of Dark-Fired Kentucky for body. Topped with the flavors of tawny port, it makes for a sweet, nuanced smoking experience.
THREE-STAR BLUE:  Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Perique and Virginia tobaccos with licorice and vanilla flavor. [by Ries of Illinois]