Mega, Pipe-Tobacco Samplers

      The world's first 'mega' pipe-tobacco sampler is now available.  It is comprised of 16-different fine tobaccos: 4 different aromatic (flavored) tobaccos and 12 different English-style/non-aromatic tobaccos.  Over the next three months, we will release three additional 16-tobacco samplers.  In total, these 4 samplers will contain 64 different fine pipe tobaccos!
        The individual tobacco packets in these samplers will fill 1.5 to 2 regular size pipe bowls.  A detailed written description of each tobacco will accompany each sampler.
         We are permitted to ship these pipe-tobacco samplers to AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, NM, NV, SC, TX, VA and WY.
         The price of our 16-tobacco sampler(s) is $78, including tax and/or shipping via US Priority Mail.  To order call or text 509-205-2876.

         The following Cornell & Diehl tobaccos are in our first 'mega' pipe-tobacco sampler:

1.  Atlas Balkan:  A traditional English mixture heavy in Latakia with Burley and Perique. A full bodied, all-natural smoke. One of our oldest blends.

2.  Bailey's Front Porch is a delightfully mild English blend featuring Burleys, bright Virginias, Latakia, as well as an ideal touch of Perique thrown in for a dash of spice. It's an amiable C&D accompaniment for sitting on the porch on those late summer evenings.

3.  Belmont Station:  A rich, complex journey of black Cavendish and bright Virginias, passing through regions of dark Burleys and dark-fired Kentucky, elevated by vanilla and dark rum. All aboard.

4.  Byzantinum: An intriguing interpretation of the classic Balkan. Redolent of Latakia, Orientals, and bracing Perique, Byzantinum is an alluring companion for flights of the imagination to exotic lands.

5.  Cap’s Blend:  Black Cavendish plus a light Cavendish that is specially flavored for a full taste; remarkably similar to one of the world's most popular pipe tobaccos.

6.  Crowley’s Best:  Named for the famed Walter Crowley of Fordham's football glory days, this is a medium strength mixture of Burley, Latakia, and Perique in an uncommonly harmonious natural blend.

7.  Dark Cherry Cavendish: The folks at C&D start with their traditional American Cavendish base of Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish, and add a specially formulated dark cherry flavoring to produce a unique cherry lover's dream.

8.  Epiphany:  Reminiscent of the original Revelation said to be the favorite of Albert Einstein, Epiphany is an adroit melding of Virginias, Burleys, Latakia, and Perique in unified harmony.

9.  Espresso:  An all-black mixture of unsweetened black Cavendish and a bit of our Green River Vanilla. We then flavor it with our proprietary "cream" flavoring and add a heady shot of coffee flavor, to arrive at a blend that will take you back to that *perfect* espresso macchiato you enjoyed with a friend, at a certain Italian street café!

10.  Habana Daydream:  C&D's Habana Daydream is a flavorful blend of Virginias, Perique, unsweetened Black Cavendish, with a dash of Latakia and a spoonful of rich cigar leaf.

11.  John Marr:  A poetic mixture of bright and red Virginias with a good portion of Turkish leaf, elevated by genial portions of Perique and black Cavendish, and topped with the flavors of bourbon and vanilla, John Marr is an unparalleled voyage of sweet complexity.

12.  Mountain Camp:   At the request of an old customer, we took the recipe for Bayou Night and reversed the proportions of Latakia and Perique to create a full English in the Scottish vein. If Bayou Night is perfect for an evening on the bayou, Mountain Camp is a peerless choice for a day spent fishing.

13.  Old Joe Krantz Blue:  Dark and white cube cut Burley combine to form a classic, medium-bodied Burley blend, sure to provide a slow-burning, rich smoking experience.

14.  Pirate Kake:  A smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley. A Latakia lover's treasure.

15.  Smooth English:  As the name implies, this blend of Burleys, unsweetened Black Cavendish, and Latakia is an impeccable choice for a morning smoke or for those who are beginning to experiment with English blends.

16.  White Burley:  A high grade light Burley from the Kentucky fields. Naturally slow burning and featuring a pleasant room note, White Burley can make for a great smoke on its own as well as act as a fine base for your own mixture experimentation.