50 Pipe Tobacco Blends 'Currently' Sold at The Educated Cigar
(All 50 tobaccos are blended & processed by Cornell & Diehl of South Carolina, USA.)

Component Tobacco Types
B (Burley), C (Cavendish), L (Latakia), O (Oriental), P (Perique), T (Turkish), V (Virginia), ** (added flavor)

Blends selling for $4.50/ounce 
BLACK CAVENDISH, C, ‘mainstay aromatic’ [R-01]
BRIGHT VIRGINIA RIBBON, V, 'naturally sweet with a hint of citrus' [R-02]
IZMIR, T, 'big flavor' [R-03]
WHITE BURLEY, B, ‘great smoke’ [R-04]

Blends selling for $5.75/ounce  
ATLAS BALKAN, LBP, ‘full body’ [Y-01]
BAILEY’S FRONT PORCH, BVLP, ‘mild English’ [Y-02]
BAYOU MORNING, VP, ‘full body’ [Y-03]
BIG N’ BURLEY, BLTP, ‘light English’ [Y-04]
BURLEY RIBBON CUT, B, KY and TN finest [Y-05]
CAP’s BLEND, C (light & dark), ‘full taste’ [Y-06]
CHOCOLATE CAVENDISH, C + chocolate & cocoa bean [Y-08**]
DARK CHERRY CAVENDISH, VBC, a hint of cherry flavor [Y-09**]
ENGINE 99, LPVBO, ‘full bodied’ [Y-10]
EPIPHANY, VBLP, ‘the blend of Albert Einstein’ [Y-11]
EXCLUSIVE, PVC, ‘spicy blend’ [Y-12]
JAMAICAN RUM, C + island rum, ‘flavorful’ [Y-13**]
JOHN MARR, VTPC + bourbon and vanilla [Y-14**]
MOCHA, C + expresso & dark chocolate [Y-15**]
MORLEY’S BEST, BVL, ‘perennial best seller’ [Y-16]
MOUNTAIN CAMP, PLVTB, a full English in the Scottish vein [Y-17]
NUTTY IRISHMAN, ‘secret blend + hazelnut & Irish Mist [Y-18**]
ODESSA, BTLP, ‘superior English blend’ [Y-19]
OLD JOE KRANTZ BLUE, B (dark & light), medium bodied [Y-20]
OLD JOE KRANTZ RED LABEL, BVLP, ‘complex English’ [Y-21]
ORIENTAL SILK, PTV, ‘remarkably elegant & sophisticated’ [Y-23]
PEGASUS, BVC, ‘classic American blend’ [Y-24]
RED ODESSA, VTLP, ‘medium’ [Y-25]
STANHOPE, BPOL, ‘robust flavor & mild strength’ [Y-26]
STAR OF THE EAST, LTV, ‘full bodied’ [Y-27]
SUPER BALKAN, PLBT, ‘One of Cornell & Diehl’s oldest blends’ [Y-28]
THREE FRIARS, VBP, ‘sweetness and spice’ [Y-29]
VANILLA CAVENDISH, C + special vanilla, ‘extra flavorful’ [Y-30**]
WINCHESTER, VC, ‘mild’ [Y-31]

Blends selling for $6.50/ounce 
BAYOU NIGHT, LPVTB, ‘full body’ [G-01]
BRADYVILLE, CVB + brandy flavor [G-02**]
BYZANTINUM, LO, a classic Balkan [G-03]
CONSTELLATION, VBCL, ‘one of Cornell & Diehl’s oldest blends’ [G-04]
CROWLEY’S BEST, BLP, uncommonly harmonious blend [G-05]
OLD COURT, BLPV, ‘an honorable mixture’ [G-06]
OLD JOE KRANTZ, BVP, ‘smooth all day smoke’ [G-07]
PASHA’S DREAM, TLVB + caramel and vanilla [G-08**]
SMOOTH ENGLISH, BCL, ‘impeccable choice for a morning smoke’ [G-09]
TUGGLE HALL, LBP, ‘old style English’ [G-10]

Blends selling for $7.50/ounce 
BRIAR FOX KAKE, BV, ‘very smooth’ [O-01]
LATAKIA, L, 'full body' [O-02]
NIGHT TRAIN, VCBP, ‘crumble cake’ [O-03]
PIRATE KAKE, LTB, ‘robust ’ [O-04]
REDBURN CAKE, BVK + rum and molasses [O-05**]

State sales tax will be added to pipe tobacco prices shown above.

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