Pipe Smoker's Starter Kits

Pipe Kit A-
This kit has everything needed for a great running start including the following:
1) one Missouri corn cob pipe and one German made briar wood pipe
2) Four different two ounce bags of fine pipe tobacco: two flavored aromatics and two of our biggest seller nonflavored.
3) an all purpose pipe tool and 50 pipe cleaners
4) pipe lighter
5) Peterson fine leather tobacco pouch
6) how to smoke and care for your pipes booklet
7) description booklet of our 55 different fine pipe tobaccos
Total price including tax is $195

Pipe Kit B-
Same as above but this kit will come with a Peterson Aran Smooth Nickel 306 pipe and a Savinelli Roma IIIex pipe, instead of the two pipes noted above.
Total price including tax is $355.