#1.  8-Year Aged 60-Ring Nicaraguan Bundles of 20-Cigars for only $125 including tax.  These cigars smoke, burn and taste like a $15 cigar.  They are a very limited edition and we were told by the manufacturer than once the current inventory is gone that's it.  At $6.25 per stick, these 6x60 cigars are a steal.

#2.  World's 1st True-Pipe-Tobacco Samplers.  We have put together four entirely different 16-fine-pipe-tobacco samplers.  Each 16-tobacco kit sells for $78, including tax, and comes with enough tobacco of each type to fill 1.5 pipe bowls.  If you buy more than one sampler (at a time) you receive an increasing discount.  Each sampler comes with a fact sheet fully describing each tobacco.  To see details for each sampler go to main menu section "Pipe Tobacco Samplers".

#3.  18-Flavored (Aromatic), Pipe-Tobacco Sampler.  Now available.  Price: $87 including tax.